Community Seed Saving

08.02.2024 - 18:00 - 20:00
faq Infoladen, Jonasstraße 40, Berlin

Community Seed Saving, Thursday 8th of February from 6 to 8 pm at f.a.q. Inoladen (Neukölln). Bring snacks, take seeds! See you there!

Join us on Thursday evening to save seeds. Come, it will be cute!

Last summer we collected the seeds of plants from the streets who survived the droughts and heat, plus a lot of medicinal weedy plants from parks and gardens.

We will gather around a large table and take them out of their protective husks, label and bag them, continuing to build a seed library.

Will start at 6pm and go on until 8ish. You are welcome to join for the whole evening or just drop by for a bit.

You can bring snacks and take seeds home.

The event is free, but we will take donations to forward to the Palestine Red Crescent Society, who is providing healthcare on the ground in Gaza.