TQU Short Film Night

30.11.2018 - 19:00

YUMMA (by MUSA AL-SHADEEDI | Jordan) Yumma is a documentary centered around first-person stories about the relationship between three Arab mothers and their sons. Delving into the impact of social stigma on family relations, Yumma presents the family as an arena where solidarity can be exercised and acceptances can be practiced, to defend the autonomy of individuals over their bodies.

VA-BENE (by BRENDA JORGE | Germany/Ghana) This film introduces performance artist Va-Bene who criticizes and draws attention to the restrictive and religious approach to gender that is present in Ghanaian society. The portrait is focused on his performance of femininity, which seeks to challenge and subvert Ghanaian perceptions of what it is to be a woman. Va-Bene shows that you can be an ally through art, and fight for what you think is right.

I COULD BE HER, SHE COULD BE ME (by DELPHINE KERMORVANT | Germany/France) is a digital storytelling project centering around the fimmaker and her grandmother and the question of whether they would live a life similar to that of the other if they each were born in a different time.

QUEER SIND WIR (by SANNI EST | Germany/Brazil) What is queer? Is it political? Is it identitarian? Is it an aesthetic, a posture? Is it intersectional, is it sexual? In this film collage, SANNI EST interviews 7 queer subjects speaking freely on community, privilege and post-colonialism, more with the intention to raise questions to the viewer rather than giving definitions.


TQU – Transnational Queer Underground e.V. is a young association that has been fostering transnational queer art and activism on- and offline for more than two years. We organise lectures, exhibitions, concerts, workshops (and much more!), and create spaces for queer artists and activists and the larger community to shine and to discuss what is important to us.

FAQ Infoladen is wheerlchair accessible, the screening is smoke-free and entry is by donation.
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