TQU Tresen screening Yumma

26.10.2018 - 19:00

Yumma is a 23 minutes long Arabic documentary centered around first-person stories about the relationship between three Arab mothers and their sons. Delving in the impact of social stigma on family relations, Yumma presents the family as an area where solidarity can be exercised and #acceptances can be practiced, to defend the autonomy of individuals over their bodies.

Musa Al-Shadeedi, the film maker, was born in Baghdad in 1992 and finished their schooling in psychology from Amman Ahlya University in 2016. They lived their childhood under the rule of Saddam Hussein, and saw the intervention of US troops in the country to overthrow the regime under the guise of promoting “freedom.” They were able to turn their visual art and writing to a vessel that carries the voices of the subaltern. They published their latest book titled “The nonnormatve sexuality in Arab cinema” (in Arabic) in 2018. They founded Cinamji, an initiative dealing with body and sexuality in the Arab cinema in 2017,and they are the Arabic editor of My.Kali magazine.

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