TQU-Tresen with Rorschach Bruises & Friends

29.09.2018 - 19:00

We are very happy to invite you to our second TQU-Tresen Faq Infoladen. We have a couple of special guest this time which is really exciting:

Do you remember Razor Kunts and Eyelashes? Well, Rorschach Bruises are somewhere in that direction. In other words: If you fold a bruise in half you get twice as many teeth marks! Rorschach Bruises make noises with nintendo, cello, tarot, magic boxes, grubby queer poems, and general howling at the moon. They can’t spell their own name but they’re probably wearing really good outfits.

Collaborators Cheng Kitsum & Theresa Kampmeier will be reading their Stickler’s Digest, stories from yesteryears. How and why? They’ve come to the conclusion that:

what king schtick paypa
walking stick paper
walking stick paper
watkins sick papa
water sickle paper
reading stick
walking shtick paper
reading walking stick
walkaway reader
new kindle
oh oh new kindle!!
old man’s kindle
fondle kindle
kindle the old man
kindle the old stick
we are going out of control
can’t do the kindle
e reader is an alternative
wrinkle stinkle
twenty pence gutter stick
serious walkers’ reader
stickers digest
twenty pence gutter stickle
digest is good
stickle is an actual word
stickle’s digest
stickler’s digest
daily stickles
to contend especially
stubbornly and
usually on insufficient
stickler’s digest

event is smoke free for the shows / until ten
wheelchair accessible
donations welcome

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